Natural | Low-Intervention | Organic | Bio-Dynamic

What Is A Natural Wine? There are many different definitions, but will generally include some of the following criteria:

  • Vineyards farmed organically or biodynamically*—certification is nice, but uncertified wines can also be considered natural.
      • *In the United States look for "Demeter Certified". Named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, this is the only certifier for biodynamically farmed wines in the states.
  • Hand-harvested only.
  • Fermentation with indigenous (wild) yeasts.
  • No enzymes.
  • No additives (such as acid, tannin, coloring) other than SO2*
  • SO2 levels no higher than 70mg/L total.**
  • Unfined, and no (or light) filtration.
  • No other heavy manipulation (such as spinning cone, reverse osmosis, cryoextraction, rapid-finishing, ultraviolet C irradiation).
      • *SO2=Sulfur Dioxide. SO2 is a byproduct of fermentation and occurs naturally in wine. However, a lot of winemakers will add extra SO2 to protect wines from unwanted microbes and yeasts and to prevent oxidation. **Totally natural!