Ortiz Bonito del Norte (White Tuna) in Olive Oil - Family Reserve CONSERVAS

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Bonito del Norte tuna (white tuna)—one of renowned Spanish fish producers' best selling tinned fish—is prized for its rich, meaty texture and subtle briny flavor of the sea. These fish are sustainably line-caught, cooked in seawater and hand-packed in olive oil, all within a 24-hour period.

Conservas Ortiz's Reserva di Familia Bonito del Norte is then aged in the tin for a year plus (their classic Bonito del Norte tuna—you know, the one in the bright yellow tins—is aged for 3 months). The extra "cellar" aging time allows the olive oil to transform the fish into something truly special—rich in tuna flavor with a smooth, supple texture and tender, flaky bite.

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