Fangst Brisling No. 1 "The Nordic Sardine" Baltic Sea Sprat Smoked w/Heather & Chamomile CONSERVAS

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From Fangst:

Flaky and floral, with a buttery kiss of smoke, these sprats are amongst the most unique and delicious tins we offer in our shop.
The golden swimmers (which taste a lot like baby sardines) are hauled in from the cold, Baltic waters off Latvia before they are smoked and married with locally-sourced Nordic aromatics and organic cold-pressed rapeseed oil. You’re going to want to first try these on a seacuterie board but after that, we recommend grilling some bread in the tin oil, then smearing it with lavender honey-whipped mascarpone, and finishing it with a smattering of sprats and a dusting of sea salt.

TASTING: flaky, floral, buttery, smoky

PAIRING: aquavit, honey, pickled onion

INGREDIENTS: Smoked Sprats, Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Chamomile, Heather

CAUGHT IN: Baltic Sea

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