Conservas de Cambados Sea Urchin Roe in Brine CONSERVAS

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From Rainbow Tomato Garden:

One of the more misunderstood products in the world of tinned fish, due in no small part to the popularity of sea urchin roe as sushi. You should not expect the same textural experience from a tinned product as you would from a raw, fresh product–of any kind. Intensely flavored and much firmer when tinned than when raw, these can be consumed straight from the tin (we think a squeeze of fresh lemon is a natural accompaniment), but our favorite way to consume these is to make a compound butter from them and use that roe butter as a spread on toasted slices of rustic bread, or as a finishing butter over roasted vegetables, or even as a sauce for a pasta with enough texture to hold onto bits and pieces.

80g (3 oz) tin

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