Ati Manel Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil CONSERVAS

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From Ati Manel:

Flaky, firm, and moist, these mackerel fillets in olive oil are a dependably delicious substitute for tuna when you want a similar experience while also avoiding mercury.

They are hand-sliced off the bone and skinned to showcase just their rich and tender meat, which makes them all-around excellent for serving as is, flaking for a sandwich, or cooking up in innumerable ways. We love stirring them into rotini for a simple, umami-rich pasta salad, or mixing with Japanese mayo and Sriracha for spicy mackerel sushi rolls.

TASTING: delicate, flaky, moist
PAIRING: sweet riesling
SERVING: chevre, marcona almonds
INGREDIENTS: Mackerel, Olive Oil, Salt
CAUGHT IN: Iberian Peninsula

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